Andy´s Fiver Friday#157- Media Days, Native Instruments KOMPLETE 12 and…


Knock, knock, who´s there? Fiver Friday! I hope you´ve had an amazing week. As always we got you backed up with some fresh content. This week I had the opportunity to take part at the ,,Media Days” in Munich. What a blast! Enter to find out more! 


Native Instruments KOMPLETE 12

Native Instruments announces KOMPLETE 12, which packs all the creative tools you´ll ever need into one comprehensive collection.With new synths, new sampled instruments, new effects, and – for the first time ever – Expansions sound packs. So no matter your music style, you´ll find all the sounds you need for every idea and any production task.


Remember the video-games ,,Space Invaders” or ,,Pac-Man”?

I bet you played at least one of these games or even owned a gameboy as a child. Prepare to time-travel back to your childhood-memories with ,,Diggin’ in the Carts”. A documentary about the great composers behind the characteristic sounds of the first video-games from the late 80´s. Ready for some nostalgia?


Have you heard Eminem´s latest Single ,,Venom” jet?

Check it out, it´s dope!


What´s the role of radio in the digital world? If you´re interested in new technology and novelties from Broadcast, Internet, mobile media, media production and trade press. You should definetly join the Munich Media Days next year!

I´ve had a great time, so you definetly won´t regret it!



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