Audio Compatibility with OSX Yosemite

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For the Mac users amongst you, Apple released OSX 10.10., Yosemite. It adds some new features in terms of connection between apple devices, new apps especially for social exchange and a redesigned interface which includes applications like Mail, Safari and iCal. Certainly, these things are not of priority when I ask myself wether I have to update my operating system. A more important question is: does my audio stuff will work on the new system?

To answer this question, you need to check the companies’ statements. There is a very useful list by which gives you information about existing problems of audio software in combination with OSX Yosemite.

Click here to get to this page. It is updated regularly and offers the official company report about the compatibility of their products.

I know many of you use Pro Tools as a DAW. Note that Avid is not supporting any of their products expect for the recent Sibelius. This doesn’t mean that Pro Tools will not work with OSX 10.10, but if you have problems you can’t expect support from AvidSo, is it never change a running system… or  always optimize a running system? Let me know!

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