Automation `Till You Die – Or The Easiest Way To…


Today JAN will share one of his hottest Pro Tools shortcut tricks for faster Automation with you:

Automation `Till You Die – Or The Easiest Way To Write Fast Automations

Pro Tools got a lot of shortcuts. You can set a shortcut for everything you want to
and there are a lot of standards pro tools delivered.

There are two cool short cuts to automate your plug ins:

  • First open the plug in and then hold ctrl + cmd + alt and click on the parameter you want to write a automation.
  • Then a little drop down menu is dropping. Select Enable Automation for “…“


  • Now you can write a automation for this parameter.
  • If you now hold ctrl + cmd and click again on the parameter pro tools will opening the automation curve.

With this two cool shortcuts it is very easy and very fast to write some automations.

Thanks to Jan Brückner for sharing!
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