Avoid this error message or how to copy stereo plugins…

Plugin Copy Error

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

I’m pretty sure, a lot of Pro Tools users already know this error message. Every time, I want to copy a stereo plugin to a mono track, this window pops up. Sometimes it can be a pain not being able to simply copy a stereo plugin to a mono track. This can be pretty annoying, when you have a lot of stereo and mono tracks and simply want to copy your plugins between them.

Today, I found a pretty simple technique to get past this error message without rebuilding your settings by comparing both the stereo plugin and the mono plugin. Check out, how it’s done!

This solution is so simple, I’m a bit ashamed of myself, because it took me ages to get behind this. It’s one of the most simple processes possible: Copy & Paste

Open your stereo plugin (in my case, I’m copying a stereo plugin to a mono track, but this also works the other way) and get your settings right. If you’re done, simply copy the plugin settings, by either clicking the little arrow above or by pressing ⇧+⌘+C in the plugin window.

Stereo Plugin Copy

Now, open the same plugin as mono plugin in your mono track and simply paste the settings by using the arrow or by pressing ⇧+⌘+V

Mono Plugin Paste

And here they are! All settings from your stereo plugin in your mono track.

Mono Plugin Settings

This might not be fanciest trick ever and this might not be the perfect solution to the problem, but I think, it’s a pretty simple way to handle this issue without freaking out by copying all plugin settings by hand.

Cheers and have a great day.

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