Beat cutting with Tremolator

Can anybody relate to these pics?

– Yes, it’s a pretty annoying task, if you want to do it clean. Rhythmic cutting of audio files might be easy with Pro Tools’s grid, but cutting each and every bit, becomes pretty time-consuming. There is many ways of doing this, but let’s assume you cut piece by piece, as I do….(pretty old school I know:)) here is your new tool:

The guys at Soundtoys created Tremolator to emulate the tremolo effect of classic guitar amps. Run a guitar through Tremolator, choose one of the presets and hear the magic.

But you can’t just run guitars through Tremolator. Check how to create the same effect as seen above in the pic and how you can do it in Tremolator in seconds.

Enter the tempo you wish of just click MIDI to adopt the session main tempo. Below Rhythmic you can choose the rhythm how you want your audio to get cut.

By using the three knobs on the left you can easily change the depth or intensity of the effect at all. The middle can change the groove and make it less static and more human (perfect with guitars) and Accent will put an accent in certain rhythmic patterns. This will help you getting more than just static cuts.

Try out different shapes and effects to get more than just a long effect with a lot of cuts in it.

Here’s a little audio sample of a down sweep uncut, then cut and then modulated with Tremolator.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

As you can hear the second version sounds more chopped up and I need to use fades to make it click no more. With Tremolator I can do this by changing a few settings.

Guitar and Classic Rock fans should check out Tremolator and even non-Rock related producers will like the rhythmic patterns and the possibility to cut long files with ease.

ANDY’S Tip: Duplicate your VO Track (including your VO File), put a high pass filter on the second track, use Tremolator and have fun – be careful with your volume levels.

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