Benztown Halloween Madness 2016 Pt. 1 or The Doom VO!


Image by Kristina Paukshtite 

Halloween is coming! And to get your station ready, we created a multipart scaring plan for you!

Be brave and check the first video tutorial of this Halloween season: learn how to create a VO that will frighten your audience!

At first, you need your unprocessed VO. For my effect I used Doug MacAskill’s voice. Then you add several layers to the original. Here’s a short overview how to do the effect:

  • Create 8 mono tracks, pairing up for two.
  • Delay one channel of the second and third pair around 16ms to widen the layer.
  • Create a LoCut around 400 Hz on the third pair.
  • Send all the tracks to a reverb.
  • Drop the original VO to the first pair.
  • First duplicate: pitch -6 semitones.
  • Second duplicate: pitch +4 semitones and add
    – SciFi
    – Mondo Mod
    – Flanger
    – Filter
  • Third duplicate: pitch +6 semitones, add Enigma.
  • Volume adjustments.
  • Move the clips to create a chorus effect.


Be up for next week and learn how to use this VO and create a Halloween style sweeper!



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