Bringing Hip Hop Styles into electronic music or Electro sampling…

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Today, I’m going to share a brand new issue of the Production Diary with you guys. Myself and my upcoming co-writer are going to present our daily production and radio madness with you in this category, so let’s start this right now.

When I first started creating musical work parts for our various libraries, I pretty much had no instruments. No drum computer, no synths, no other instruments. It was just me, Pro Tools and a few modulation plugins.

The pioneers of Hip Hop were facing the same problems. They also had no big studios and no access to high prized equipment or professional instrumentalists, so they solved it their way by getting out some old records and sampling them into new songs.

Check out my modern attempt to sampling, see one of my sessions with samples and hear some of the results.

Because of the lack of usable instruments, I started using samples from various libraries and songs. To keep on track, I created a sampling session, where I just cut samples from existing songs, movies, etc…

These samples will be combined with the ones from the libraries to some new work parts. Below you can see an example session, built with one shot samples.

As you can see, I love organization in my sessions. Every sample has its own track, so I can easily adjust the volume, mute or un-mute single samples and sounds instantly without any searching and by the way, I love colors.

All drums, bass and lead samples and FX are placed together and having the matching color. For the final mix and simple muting, I’m using Aux tracks to keep the overview more simple. Reverb Aux tracks are already part of my template as well as the Pe-Master Aux, which protects my master from overdrive. I just lower the volume in my Pre-Master to get to a good value for mastering.

For tonal changes of samples, I’m using pitch plugins and (since a few weeks) NI’s Battery to create musical work parts.

But what about the quality? Can total sample usage be as effective as using instruments? Check the samples, I created for CHR, N/T and HotAC and see for yourself

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Thanks and have a nice weekend.

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