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Our mobile devices are turning more and more into high-tech systems which bear comparison with traditional computers and laptops anymore. There is no thing, our smartphones and tablets can’t do. Creating music is no exception, but every one of you who entered the word ‘music’ in any app store knows that there’s a giant market with countless of apps.

We sorted out some of our favorite music production apps and present them to you in a Useful Links – Music Production Apps Special.


iKaossilator brings Korg’s famous touch-pad controlled phrase synthesizer to your mobile device. Create whole songs by just using the touch-pad. Play various scales in any key and create whole songs with the loop sequencer. Create drums patterns, bass, lead and various other effects by using the touch-pad. Control loops in real-time, while adding more sounds and effects.

The new Flex play feature allows you to create tempo synced breaks and fills, which makes it a cool addition for live performers and DJs.

iKaossilator is a low-priced alternative to it’s bigger brother. Since you have your mobile device most time with you anyway, you don’t need to carry any  additional hardware with you. Take out your phone or tablet and start jammin.

Check a few demo sounds from the Korg website

[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” /]

Synth Station

Akai’s Synth Station turns your iPhone or iPad into a music production system. Control and play three synthesizers with three oscillators, play drums on a MPC inspired pad surface, create grooves with the sequencer and arpeggiator and use fully customizable real-time effects and tempo control. The Mixer section allows you to create full mixes without using any other hardware or software than the Synth Station app and your iPhone or iPad.

Check the first of three videos to see its functions in actin.


For even more control, you can add the Synth Station 25 to your setup and control the app with the special hardware.


Liine Lemur is not really an instrument, it’s more like a controller, but it is THE controller. Control your DAW, DJ software, stage lighting and much more with this touch-pad weapon. Inspired by the hardware version, Lemur now comes to the iPhone and iPad with a new software.

Use faders, sliders, knobs, pads, switches with modified physics engine and let them bounce, rebound or oscillate. Use your mobile device as monitor, controller mixer or anything else.

Since the release of the hardware version in 2004, Lemur was a successful, but expensive production and live tool. Now it’s finally affordable and definitely worth a try, if you’re looking for a high quality controller and owning a mobile device anyway.

Check this short video to see what you’re getting with Lemur.


There are tons of high quality music production apps out there, but this topic could fill a whole blog here. The future for music production looks new and exciting  and we’ll see where this will head to.

Do you have any music or production apps? Do you think they can stand the comparison with traditional hardware or any software you use on your DAW? I’m excited to hear your thoughts.

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