Create Your Own Sound FX and give it away as…

Most of our readers definitely remember Andrew Choiniere. He participated in our Fame FX Contest and interviewed his Imaging Idol Joh Frost (read the interview, it’s worth it.)

After the contest we had a really nice discussion about creating own FX and about how it’s done. We told him a few of our tricks and Andrew checked it out.

Now, I’m very proud to present the result:

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″]

Nice what? And here comes the great part: Andrew is ready to share his stuff with you all!

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”360″ params=”” url=”″]

Andrew has written down his first experiences with creating own Sound FX.

Thanks a lot to Andrew! He’s a great guy, an engaged reader and guest author. If you want to know about him or his work, check out his site:

And now have fun with Andrew’s little Sound FX creation guide, create your own FX and never forget…

The hitchhiker’s radio production guide of a beginner: Create your own SFX

I felt like Doctor Frankenstein. I had created my first SFX. So proud and disgust at the same time. There was two things that drives me to create my own SFX. Having the sfx i always wanted; As a producer you know what sound you want. And trying to evolve in a one-man-radio-producer-army. So i start creating.

No boundaries, no limits… What i’ve done… Import a file and play with it. Time stretch 10 time, distortion 20 time, right pan here, noise reduction, compress, remove low frequencies, time stretch, cut in two, pan one right the other one left, export audio mix.. Import it twice, time stretch one and reverse the other.. I had so much fun.. okay, it is not always good.. but hey.. this is experience going in…

What’s fun about this exercise? Discovering plug-ins… When you are building a Promo, sweepers or any production stuff.. you want it good.. not just okay.. So you won’t apply the same plug-in 10 times on your VO just for fun.. While creating my SFX, I had discover cool effects to try on my VO. What.. Are you crazy? How in this world could you Compress a VO 10 time then time stretch it forever and tell me this sounds great?.. Not on a Front VO but as a double sub-liner, or as a rear voice approaching.. definitely!! To quote Homer Simpsons : If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem! In the radio production world, I learn each day about it and Creating my own sfx teach me once again to.. Try new stuff, be part of those who are trying to rise as a cool producer..

To conclude: I wasn’t expecting to learn that much when i first create my very own sfx few weeks ago. It is really a great playground to learn.

Andrew Choiniere

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