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Hi guys, it’s Andre.

It’s the 50th issue of my production diary an I’m still sharing all the thing, I learn at the Benztown studios.

Today’s music is mostly heavily compressed with a lot of loudness. You will see this, when you’re working with a lot of music in your promos. Music combined with FX, VO and vocal samples, then mastered again in your own master channel… Sometimes, that’s just too much and you’ll have clipping on your master.

There’s a simple way to avoid this without a lot of work – the Music Bus

Open your I/O Setup and select a bus. For better orientation, name it.

Now choose all the track, that contains music and send them to the music bus.

Create a new AUX track and set up the music bus as input, so you can lower the volume of all the music at once. This will prevent your master from clipping.

Hope, this was useful for you guys.

Cheers and have a nice weekend.

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