The Super Bowl or how to image the biggest sport…

Sunday, February 5th – a fix date in the schedule of every sport fan. the Patriots versus the Giants and over 800 Million people are watching it.

It’s a mass event for all fans and broadcasters – across all media!

But how to set up your station for this upcoming major event? At Benztown, we prepared a full football imaging package for each format containing basic stuff like samples, music beds, looped intros of american football related songs, soundtracks, movie samples, listener reactions, sfx, scenes, stagers, promos and sweepers. You can do this for every format. No matter if you are an informative sports radio or if you take football serious more or less! There’s always a way to make your station sound football and up to speed with this event.

Check this selection of imaging pieces + the greatest speech ever from a football movie and use it as inspiration for your station.

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