Down Under ROCKS with Triple M or Sidey’s 20th anniversary…

Mike Andersen

20 Years at one single station! 20 years rocking OZ with funny, creative and awesome Imaging – Is this possible?

Clearly, YES!

In September, it’s Sidey’s  20th year at Triple M in Sydney. Wow! 2o Years guys!!!! So, this anniversary is worth another interview with one of the guys I admire the most in our business – for his creativity, for his unique imaging style and also for his incredible VO skills. Learn about Sidey’s new arsenal of plugINs, listen to his recent highlights and much more – Enter Sidey:

What has changed over theories of the last year in the ozzi. imaging landscape?
In the last year and a bit, we’ve had a brand new radio network launch which has shaken things up. There are now 3 CHR stations battling it out in Sydney. 2Day FM has been the first to really change their style. The big English voices are gone, in place of cool, edgy natural deliveries from real people. Sounds amazing. The slick production is still there, it’s just easier to listen to. More relatable to the average person too. While the CHRs fight with each other, Triple M has slipped through the cracks and we are now #2 in Sydney. Fingers crossed for a number one next survey (that’d be nice). Imaging at Triple M has changed from being all fun and quirky, to being more about music credibility. There’s still room to have fun. But it’s mainly about the rock and artists now.

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What is the latest plugIN you checked out ? Any new favourites?

I’ve been loving Eventide’s Ultra Channel at the moment. I got it for free when they have a special offer. I use it on the master. And it’s also great for VO FX.

Sceenshot - UltraChannel

I’m also using GTR a lot. Great for rock vocal FX. I use it for layering voices and distorting stuff. Great fun flicking through the different amp sounds.

Screenshot - GTR

Can you name 3 techniques, which are always working for creative writing?
My first suggestion would be to remember funny shit that happens in your day to day life. Like if I’m out drinking and someone says something, remember it. Then figure out a way to use that joke or comment in a script. Work around it.

Second, start off with something topical. What’s in the news? Use that as a base for something.
Take two completely unrelated things and mash them together in one idea.
They could have nothing to do with each other, but think about what little things they have in common.

3rd.. work backwards. Don’t start with a boring, mechanical script and try to make it interesting.
Start with something interesting, emotive, funny (whatever) and try to make it work for whatever you’re writing about.

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How important is writing for rock / classic rock imaging?

Rock fans are the most passionate people on Earth. The writing is always important. You’ve got to convey an attitude and personality for the station. Sometimes you’re gonna want to sound cool, sometimes edgy, sometimes funny, or emotive.
Rock imaging involves a lot of writing about the artists and their history. You’ve got to know the artists. Who are they? When and where are they from? Know the albums. It’s not just about the hits. Be familiar with their back catalogues. Getting info about artists wrong is the worst thing you can do.

Then, you’ve also gotta have a good memory or knowledge of the big hits too. Know where the great riffs are. Know which songs (or albums) have those killer drums, bass, vocal screams, cold vocal bits, etc. When you’re dealing with 1000s of songs, instead of just the top 40 it helps to know where to start looking for sounds.

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What is your favourite place to find inspiration for creativity?

I watch a lot TV, listen to a lot of music and see lots of movies. They’re all great for inspiration and ideas. A great idea could start with a funny moment on TV, I might hear a great riff on the iPod, or a movie could spark something. I also listen to whatever podcasts I can find about radio imaging and sound design (can you suggest any more?) Just hearing how other people approach their work inspires creativity for me. Could be a plug in, could be something about work flow.
The great thing about being a dad (I have 3 kids) is that they are constantly doing funny and awesome stuff. They are hilarious, while at the same time the most amazing little people you’ll ever meet. Basically, just an endless source of funny stories and creative inspiration!

For the last few years Sidey has also been doing Imaging for Radio Hauraki in New Zealand, he has helped relaunching Moscow’s  95.8 Rock FM  and 102.7 the Beach in Hawaii (Side Note Andy: have you been there?). Recently he also did stuff for CFOX in Vancouver.

For more info check Mike’s Website 

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