Getting into depth – set some accents with simple reverb…

Reverb Depth

Talented mixing engineers use various dimensions to place their sounds. They find the right place for each and every element in the frequency range and stereo spectrum to avoid clashing sounds and to create a nice full mix.

Instead of just focusing on left and right, it’s time to go deeper… literally. To soften sharp sounds or to create little accents, engineers also use the depth to change how close or how far a sound is away from the listener. Especially, when you’re creating full scenes or working on a radio play, this trick adds that little bit of detail and realism.

Simply use a reverb on the sound you want to place far away. Find a setting you like and then start turning down the original signal, without turning down the reverb signal. The sound will become more and more distant and will feel like far away from you. Most reverbs have a dry/wet mix fader or knob, so you can place your reverb directly on the sound where you need it. Try to find the right balance between original and reverb signal to decide, how distant it will sound.

Another dimension to be creative with and a simple way to add depth and details.

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