Heads Up: Adding reverb to get your VO mixed in!

Reverbs are a great tool to create transitions or “false endings”. It’s also a common used mix tool in music production. But used on VO tracks I recommend to add it in moderation, as this helps to sit your VO better in the mix and ensures audibility.

We are using this technique for a long time now and I just found a free Pro Tools Expert Tutorial which explains it pretty nice. The guys are using Waves Renaissance on a rap vocal track, but that’s basically the same like VO and works with any other reverb plugin.

Using this technique:

  1. Make sure the reverb is not heard as a reverb. Use it as a general room tone
  2. Use small decay times and small rooms
  3. Use a medium amount of diffusion
  4. Use quiet early reflections
  5. Bring down wet/dry knob when using it as an insert.


Click here to see the full tutorial:

How To Sit A Rap Vocal In A Mix Using Waves Renaissance Reverb Plug-in



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