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Most Pro Tools users nowadays sure know AIR Plugins. A bunch of free plugins coming with every Pro Tools since version 8. They are often forgotten or replaced by other plugins of big named manufacturers, but they don’t need to hide from the big names.

A while ago, we had the AIR Kill EQ on this blog. Now it’s time for another fun tool – the AIR Filter Gate!

How this little Bad Boy works and why it’s a great tool for Dance Music Productions, check it out here.

Like the name says, the AIR Filter gate includes a gate and a filter and is perfect for beat related working.

Let’s have a quick look:

The Top middle controls the gate. Attack, hold and release control how sharp your gate will cut the audio.

Below you can control the filter. You can switch between no filter, high pass, low pass, band pass and phaser. By automating Cutoff and Resonance, you can create even more rhythmic effects.

You modulation can be controlled in the bottom middle panel. Just play around with the knobs and you’ll soon have some cool results.

On the top left you can switch through various patterns which include cool movements and filter effects. Perfect if you’re looking for inspiration. Just add the Filter Gate on a synth Loop f.e. and get through the patterns.

On the top right, you can change the pattern into various rhythmic forms. To add a little more spice, you can add swing to make it less static.

The AIR Filter Gate is a pretty sweet tool to use, especially with its cool Dance filter and gate effects. Add some spice to a synth, VO, a whole song or even things like white noise. It will chop almost every surface sound into a rhythmic element.

Here’s a little example of the AIR Filter Gate used on various audio including white noise, synths, drum loops and whole songs.

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