How a world class photographer got nominated for Worldwide Radio…

After introducing Konsky’s and Armstrong’s work last week in a really funny interview, I got the chance to talk to Matt Nikolic as well. Matt is THE guy behind Ozzi Imaging, he was named as THE inspiration by Konsky and many others. Also as a photographer his style is rad and he is incredible talented (believe me guys, you speak to a “I still try guy” considering creating great shots).

Anyhow, Matt is responsible for the unreached on-air sound of The FOX in Melbourne and his nomination is more than deserved. Like I said in my last post, this year is a really tough one, all the guys belong to the best in the world and make the entire imaging community a big winner and proud.

Check Matts latest Promos for A MILLION DOLLAR GIVEAWAY, you hear right : A MILLION DOLLARS + check out his H-delay Presets and his latest tricks and styles making Phil Collins sound Skrillex! ENTER Matt…

1) How do you feel about being nominated?

Surprised and more than a little humbled! You get used to just working in a dark studio and the only real feedback I get is occasionally from the boss or my wife plus a few people round the station, so it’s amazing to know there are enough people listening around the world to put me up with such great company.

2) What do you think about Paul / Konsky ? (also nominated)

Le Konsk is a production machine – always pumping out inspiring, musical, engaging gear. I’m a fan! I don’t get to hear so much of Paul’s gear, but the bits I do hear I like. Reminds me of the crazy days imaging Triple M, our rock brand.

3) What is special about your style of Imaging?

I think it’s about making the station sound big like a movie trailer and drawing people in, in the simplest but most engaging way.

4) Any new plugIn recommendations for the blog readers? screencaps?

Nothing brand new from me, but lately I seem to keep going back to the Waves H-Delay for a little analog dirt – audiosuiting long 1 beat delays that gain grunge each time they feed back on themselves.

5) What was the most fun project you worked on this year?

A couple of weeks ago we gave away a million dollars! Obviously the packaging needed to be supersized for that and I opted for a dark trailer-ish vibe to make it stand out amongst the pop songs and ads.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

6)  Any new tricks or techniques to show our readers?

Just been sticking with the classics lately, although I have enjoyed taking a couple of otherwise light tunes and evil-ing them up with some dubstep and stutters / delays

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

7) Whats your sources of inspiration?

Movies and trailers, Beatport, epic soundtracks, YouTube and Hospital Records.

8) Melbourne or LA?

I’ve never been to LA, but from what I can tell there are no Kardashians here so I would have to say Melbourne :).

9) Which station would be a dream to image?

I think I’m already at it! I can’t think of a station that does as much crazy big stuff as us, and that would let me get away with spending the time on good quality gear I get to make here to image it. And a few hours Saturday night on Konsky’s pirate station would be fun to play with as well.

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