How Maria Aragon aged 10 got a duet done with…


Maria Aragon is a 10 years old girl form Canada, she loves to sing and has more than 19!!!! Million clicks on youtube. Her voice is unbelievable for a girl her age and she is close to make her biggest dream true. While having an interview at Hot 103 Winnepeg, Lady Gaga called and invited the gorgeous girl to perform a duet with her live on stage at her Canda concert in Toronto.


Maria, a totally unkown girl from Canada will perform with the biggest pop star on earth: LADY GAGA! How realistic is that? Why you think you can’t get your GM to open a budget for….? Why you think you can’t ever get as good as Imaging Icon Jeff Thomas? Why you can’t make a FX library on your own (before Oli and I started benztown we never did our own FX, we bought stuff and never thought we could learn how to do it and now our own library Fame FX will be out in latest 15 days)?

What YOU can learn from Maria?

Our generation (and I am feeling still young being 32 in 3 weeks) is so different from the generation now, born in this interactive, mobile and web 2.0 world. We still learn how to develop the internet, how to work with blogs, online communities and how to use them in our advantage. I even had no mobile phone before I turned 18 – today my little cousin 5 knows more Iphone apps and games I do and it is still my Iphone :)..The list of examples for that cases is endless.

What I want to explain is: Today’s kids, radio listeners, consumers, any younger audience and especially younger guys in our buiness have been breastfeaded with that tools, powerful weapons and options they give to each individual. They are educted to be active and initiators, they can define their own audience and show their skills to the entire world by one simple click. They can learn from the masters like Oli or Ryan by watching tutorials and listen to their stuff. They can research anything without going to any traditionl library – they can learn everything and the best about it -most of the stuff is for free. The only thing it costs is their time.

Today, so many success stories in the music industry  start online, without financial marketing power, big skill set or resources, but and thats the most important :  All has its own great idea and the people create it are passionate about it. That creates word of mouth, almost unreal growth and awesome marketing via free scources like facebook, twitter or blogs. Maria Aragon maybe will be a superstar like Lady Gaga soon. She didn’t had to do something crazy , dangerous, freaky…. or spend massive budgets to be known – she had to be recognized by the people. These poeple recognized something special about her and her voice and her video spread, got shared, clicked and spread until it hit Lady Gaga to make her a nice day.

My goal is to give you all passion and love for what you do. Be an initiator or at least try to be one.  Be Maria, spread your ideas, show the world what you have to offer. It will change your personal and business live forever. Show your GM / PD what you can do, present your ideas to them, make proposals how to improve structure, ask for budgets, invest in yourself and and and….. Getting an initiator, risk feedback (positive or negative) will change everything. It wil change how you are seen, it will change how you see things and it wil make you stronger, fearless and help yourself to improve. The results will be tremendously different. If you are not working the check list of your boss means you are working your own and that means – YOU WILL BE IN CHARGE! You are looking on a world full of new options now!

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