How to get from Nordhausen to Benztown or XMAS Contest…

After writing a couple of mails with our subscriber and Xmas Competition winner Andre, I decided to meet him face-to-face to get to know him better. But first, let me tell you his story in a few sentences:

Born in the small city of Nordhausen, he responded the call of duty and rendered his civilian service in Hamburg (instead of going to the army). From his first meager loan, he bought a pair of turntables and a couple of vinyls. He is into Dubstep music (Benztown: never heard of this :))
Soon, he discovered his passion for music and all the possibilites of playing with audio and wanted to immerse deeper in professional imaging and producing.
His first crappy tries of beatmatching with free audio edition programs and demo versions of DAWs didn’t deject him. He still worked on and tried to improve himself by playing around with sounds, reading books and watching tutorials on the internet.
On his search for tips and tricks, he discovered our blog and started to mail with us.

I like his passion and his constant will to improve. It’s very hard for young and dedicated people to get a chance in our industry, so we decided to give him a chance and offered him a placement at Benztown. Andre will work as a volunteer at the benztown studios for the next six month. It will be tough and hard, but Ill bet he will take something away and hopefully stays as motivated as he is right now:)…
To share his experience and the stuff he learns, Andre will write a production diary, which will be posted right here on a regular basis.

The entire benztown team is looking forward to work with him. Andre, welcome to the benz team!

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