“I wish my DAW could do…”

In today’s world, music production, radio imaging, recording and mastering has become more and more a software solution.

Today we are blessed with tons of DAWs and audio editing software. Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Reaper, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Sony Vegas and lots of other software solutions available to everybody from the youngster to the pro and in any price range.

How do you choose the perfect DAW for yourself? What is important to you and what would make your work even better ?

I had a very active discussion with the finalists of the Benztown Iron Imager contest about the pros and cons of the DAWs they use. Now, I want to hear your opinion. What DAW do you use and why? Do you have different DAWs for specific tasks? What are your favorite features and how would you improve your DAW or others? I’m curious about your opinion in the comments below. Let’s get it on guys: I WISH MY DAW COULD…..

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