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I am sure you remember Binoy, Creative Service Director for…Radio City Network Bangalore, India and his amazing Iron Imaging submission. He was a finalist, but he couldn’t make it to LA, because of VISA issues.  Anyhow, after listening to his piece I knew I had to interview him and get to know more about him and Imaging India. Read Binoy’s story and check his audio and interview. Learn from the best Imaging Talent in India. His approach to things is inspiring! Enter Binoy

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1.      Which production system do you use  and why?

Sony Vegas, Sound forge and Ableton live primarily. Why? It’s simple, easy, quick and serves my purpose when it comes to imaging and production. I can spend more time thinking creatively. I love using Vegas and I get a super output when compared to pro tools and in lesser time.

 2. What are your favorite plugins?

Waves platinum Bundle, Isotope, I believe in keeping it clean, most of my production will have 3 plugins at best, EQ, Compressor and L2

3. How do you schedule your work (priorities…..)?

Hmmmm.. That’s the worst question u can ask an imaging guy 🙂 Planning, un-planning and then planning some more, keeping in mind that at any point it could all go wrong. I make weekly and monthly plans. Weekly for the day to day stuff and monthly for the elaborate, time consuming activities (yeah everyday in India is a celebration of some kind and we love amp’ing it on the radio)

4. What do you love about being the National Creative Director – Radio city ?

We have 28 states in India and that translates to a whole lot of culture, language, music, food. It’s a whole new mini country every 300 Kilometers. Since I handle the network covering 20 stations I meet people from all over and so I’m exposed to mainstream as well as offbeat ideas. Imaging differs across the stations in the network and so does music in every market. We got to keep it real, keep it local and still keep it aspirational. The team at Radio city has maddeningly good talent and bosses that give you all the freedom to take the road less travelled.

5. What is the best protools or production trick anybody should know?

Keep experimenting, try a combination of plugins, and you will be surprised with the outcome.

6. How do you get inspired and what do you use as source of creativity?

I listen to anything, I listen to everything…  music on TV, music online, music on the good ol radio, I eavesdrop on supermarket conversations, watercooler moments – I’m always tuned in.  It’s crucial to understand what the current buzz is, with what people are talking about and the kind of music they listen to. This helps me judge the trend.  I hate to sound like competition or Competition to sound like me, So it’s a constant challenge to keep re-inventing my style of work.

7. Who were your radio production idols, who influenced your work as a producer?

My First boss Vehron Ibrahim here in India, My buddy Jonzie Currently working In Dubai with the Channel 4 Network, Sharmon  from My Opus Radio Bangalore, Sachin from bangalore and Dave Foxx from Z100

8. What would be your 3 key advices for a youngster?

1. Follow your heart

2. Create your own Style

3. Patience

Thanks to Binoy for sharing his wisdom with us.

About Binoy:

Binoy Joseph would probably be one of the few Imaging guys in the country to have experienced and worked in almost all the technical fields of music radio. He was all of twenty when he decided that he was going to dedicate all of his life to producing sonic relief. Today, 12 years hence, he is the Creative Director of Radio City Network INDIA. He made his breakthrough with numerous stints at reputed radio stations in the country.

Beginning his career by Producing shows on Radio Indigo in Bangalore that plays popular international music on satellite network back in 2001, Binoy shifted base to Chennai where he joined Radio Mirchi and Imaged and launched the brand Radio Mirchi in south India back in 2003, he moved on to World Space Satellite radio network in Bangalore in 2004, He repeated what he was good at; that’s Imaging designing and launching over 10 station across 2 years. He also imaged India’s first Sports Radio “Play”. In 2006, Binoy joined Big 92.7 FM Network as Regional Creative Director and was part of launching stations across South India. His key launch was Bangalore and the station marked leadership in 10 weeks Straight. In 2008 he joined Radio City Network as the National Creative Director.

In his journey Binoy’s creative excellence has been considered at RAPA, India Radio Forum Awards and E4M Awards.

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