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Region Looping

Hey guys, it’s Andre

I stumbled over this shortcut a few days ago by more or less pressing it by accident and then suddenly, this window above appeared and it looks like I’ve found another way to edit faster. Oh Pro Tools, you never stop surprising me with your endless features and pages full of shortcuts 😉

Mark the region, you wish to loop and use the shortcut ⌘ + ⌥ + L to activate the Region Looping window. It basically works like repeat to fill selection, but instead of moving around in your session and marking the loop length by hand, you can just choose the length of your wish, by either just entering the number of loops, by the desired loop length (depending on your grid format, it’s either bars & beats, minutes & seconds, frames & feet, etc..) or you can just let it loop until the end of the session or the next region. It also features an auto-crossfade function which releases you from the pain of creating each fade on its own.

Exact looping is the strength of this feature and especially if you need a certain loop length or several loops in the same length. So, instead of marking lengths by hand in your session or pressing ⌘ + D (Duplicate) like a madman, be smart and let this tool do all the work for you.

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