L.A. Experience and random IGUANA Insanity

Is there any city in the world like L.A. To me: definitely NOT! Where else in the world can you meet a guy carrying an iguana everywhere he goes or chat with multi grammy winner and platinum album producer Val Garay while having dinner. Both did I in one day! I met the Iguana guy, when I was hanging with Jake Kaplan at the AMP studios in Culver City (check the blog for Jake’s upcoming post) and met Val when I had dinner with my friends Chachi, George and his stunning wife Katrina at Boa/Sunset. Val is a truly inspiring person and is the mastermind behind a lot of great music we all know. His biggest hit ever was Kim Carnes’ – Bette David Eyes. These days Val is working with Katrina, hit mediabase charts with her first song # 46. Most of his work he does with ProTools and Logic in his home studio which is based 30 miles from L.A. Check Val’s interview about the Aphex Aural Exciter:


I also use the Aural Exciter a lot and nothing comes close in my opinion as well!

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