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Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Time flies. It’s now my 21st week here at the Benztown studios in Stuttgart. Since 21 weeks, I’m learning from Andy, Oli & Fabi what it takes to create stunning radio imaging.

As DJ, I know how important it is to have ‘the right flow’. The same counts for radio imaging aswell. An element with good flow and clean transitions is nice to listen to and with Grid mode, it’s not the hardest task to keep in the beat.

But the best flow is nothing, when your VO doesn’t fit. It can break your whole element. Flow is not only for music, it’s for your VO, too.

Imagine your VO as a rap, which doesn’t rhyme 🙂 A good rapper keeps rapping on the beat, so do the same for your VO. For example, try to get the vowels of your VO on the beats of your bed or your loop.

If you’re new to this topic, take a simple four to the floor beat and try it. If your VO doesn’t fit right, you can try different techniques to make it fit. Elastic audio is a great helper for this. Cut between words, fill gaps with delays or use stutters in your VO to make it fit. It might take a while to make it perfect, but you’ll definitely hear the difference and it will sound great.

As an example, I’ve attached an audio with a simple four to the floor beat and some VO samples from our male CHR VO Harry. They’re not meant to make sense, they just clarify, how it sounds, when your VO fits the beat.

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″]


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