Survey: The perfect Reverb or still haven’t found what I…

To find the right Reverb can be tough sometimes. It is either you don’t have the right one on board or you have to many choices? I try to experiment and use different Reverbs with different environments, instruments and production needs.  Like you know, we are always interested in your opinion to address our content even better and get your input to share it with the community. The great participation rate on questions make the blog really vital and much more effective for all users. Please comment:

1.Which is your favorite Reverb and why?

2.What do you like better PlugIn or Outboard?

3.Which Reverb do you use for Vocal treatment?

4.Which Reverb you like most for radio Imaging?

I love the Arts Acoustic Reverb, but there is also the old outboard stuff I really dig like the Lexicon 480 L, which is still state of the art in many studios.

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