Missed the Oscars? Meet the Benztown Calendar – Andre’s Production…

Here’s a worst case scenario: It’s the day after the Oscars and you’ve got no production elements on air. No samples, no matching Musicbeds, no Promos, no Sweepers. In short: You messed it up totally! Your PD will freak out and he is right!

How could this happen? Why did you miss that date? Sure you were packed with work, but that’s usual and doesn’t count. Believe me: it’s time to create your own Production Calendar.

A few years ago, we started to create an online Calendar for all members of Benztown. It contains all important events for Radio Imaging, broken down in different categories for every format. Big Award Shows, Concert dates, Celebrity Birthdays, Sport Events, important holidays and many more. Andy my boss calls that calendar -” no lame excuses” and thats definitely what it is!

Every station has a calendar, so why should you, the producer, get one?

The answer is simple: You might need a calendar to know what’s up.

You can prepare matching Promos and Sweepers, create Musicbeds and know when to stream the important Award Shows.

Let your station be the first station with brand new samples and production elements for every important event and holiday.

You need an idea for an upcoming Promo or Sweeper? Just check the calendar and you know what to do.

Don’t waste your time on checking the list of events, birthdays,  award shows, etc. Just set up your own calendar once. The time, you’ve spent on it, will be worth it, believe me.

Know what’ up, before everyone else knows. Make your station be first.



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