Modulation Drone for FREE – Grab my Massive Preset, now!

Hey guys, it’s Andre.

As might discovered in the last months, I’m pretty often using and sharing presets and tricks for Native Instrument’s Massive. I have to admit, that I really like this bad boy synth, because of its endless ways to customize it. I think with the right knowledge and experience in using Massive you won’t need a lot of other synths anymore, because you can create almost any sound in this little gem.

Today, I was once again messing around and twisting some knobs. I set a limit of a few minutes for myself and wanted to see what will result in this.

I ended up with a pretty dark Drone created by using the almost endless modulation abilities of Massive.

Here’s what it sounds like:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

And now the cool part… You’re getting this Preset for FREE!

Check out the download link below and see how I created that sound.

Here’s the download link to my preset:

(if this download is not working for some reason, just let me know and I will re-upload it)

So here’s a full screenshot of my preset:

DR Evil Surface Full Screenshot

Key of creating a good Drone or atmosphere is using modulation. Creating a constant sound is one thing, but modulation makes it come alive. Especially when it comes to filters and phase modulation.

So here I was sitting and twisting knobs and if moving one knob sounds cool, let’s modulate it. To avoid having the same modulation over and over again, I was using four different LFOs (not beat synced, because this will make it sound more random). I even modulated one of my LFOs with another LFO to avoid having the same modulation over and over again.

DR Evil Surface LFO 5

I was playing around with different LFO shapes to see what will result in that.

DR Evil Surface LFO 7

DR Evil Surface LFO 8

Another nice trick, when it comes to creating atmospheres is using a reverb, so I inserted a pretty big reverb as FX.

DR Evil Surface Reverb

A bit of chorus also had a nice effect on my sound.

DR Evil Surface Chorus Ensemble

Of course, there’s no formula for a good atmospheric sound. I just wanted to show you what you can achieve within a short time with and show you my way to create these sounds. Take this preset as initial point for your own sound design experiments with Massive.

Hope you like my preset and can use it creatively.

Cheers and have a great weekend.

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