Monumental Imaging from around the world – Round : 1…

In times of PPM, when all elements have to be ultrashort, clean and fast we forget about the pieces we as producers and imaging guys love and which inspire us the most:  the monumental, epic, massive, extra long, plugIn battle field and effect packed pieces.

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″]

My Irish mate Paul Duffy based in Dublin, who creates awesome Imaging for 98FM, sent through the fantastic piece above and raised the idea to collect those epic Imaging Pieces like last weeks beatmixes. Gents, please send through your epic imaging works and I will post them in the next weeks. (Give me some background on the work and I can include that as well.) Read Paul’s email below and get to know more background info about the piece above…

Hey Andy ,

I’ve an idea for the blog , It stems off the back of the beat mixes and how good they were , I would love to hear other producers “special pieces”. Ya know these 1,2 or 3 minute montages of epic production for something special like Paul Armstrong’s Top 40 piece. (linken)
Monday gone , 98FM started a competition called mad money , 100 thousand euro the prize fund. 1 winner! there are 98 golden tickets. We did do it before in 2009 and now we are doing it again. Attached is the launch piece for it.
Like I said its just something to kick start a blog post , I would love to hear other stuff like this cause I am a sucker for production outside of promos and sweepers

Cheers Andy


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