Plugin Review: Waves – Clarity Vx

Waves released a new noise reduction Plug In: The Waves Clarity Vx! Jan, our Imaging Director for SpeakerToyz, SpeakerToyz AC and Classic Hits checked this one out for you:


You can choose between two versions. The Clarity Vx and the Clarity Vx Pro (if you purchase the pro, the regular one is included).




The Clarity Vx works like the OneKnob series. You have two different algorithms to choose from: Broad 1 (for more detail) and Broad 2 (for severe ambiances).


There are two different analysis modes: single and double. Single analyzes the sum of the file and double analyzes the L and R Channel separately, which needs more CPU Power.  


With the width knob, you can adjust the width of the output signal.


With the Big Knob you are reducing the noise.


I tested the plug-ins with a couple of different audio files. One with noise in the back, one with background music, and one with ambiance. You can see the user settings in the pic.




ID Camila Cabello with background noise (without and with Clarity Vx)


ID Lucky G with ambience (without and with Clarity Vx)


ID Quavo with Music (without and with Clarity Vx)



For a 0ne knob plug-in it works really well. It kills the noises and ambiance really well. Only in the audio file with the background music (ID Quavo is some minor audio in the background).


The quality overall is not bad. It creates some small artifacts, but to be honest, which other noise-canceling plug-in doesn’t?!


I also tried to make an acapella out of a song with it. That works quite well. Only in the high end do you have some hi-hats left.


The Waves Clarity Vx Pro offers a few more features (check the overview table).


The major ones are: 1 additional algorithm, advanced more detailed controls, and you can invert the output signal to get the ambiance signal.


With the audio files I tested, the results are pretty much the same as in the non-pro version. Only the acapella is a little bit better in the pro version.



ID Camila Cabello with background noise (without and with Clarity Vx Pro)


ID Lucky G with ambience (without and with Clarity Vx Pro)


ID Quavo with Music (without and with Clarity Vx Pro)


Jack Harlow Acapella made with Clarity Vx Pro


In the Pro Version you could you the plug-in the other way round and separate the ambience, which works really well, as you can hear in the test audio file.




I know in that case, there is it makes no sense, but if you have a audio file with an nice ambience like an ocean, nature birds or whatever, it makes definitely sense.


I tried it with a song as well to make a quick instrumental. It works ok. As you can hear some artifacts, but if you need to do a branded intro and you have a song with no instrumental parts – it definitely worth trying!




The Waves Clarity VX s a great plug-in for quick noise reductions and with the introduction price of $29.99 it’s a no-brainer!! The Pro Version has some cool features, but it’s also more expensive.

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