14 December 2020

Benztown Audio Imaging Libraries Bring Advanced AI Technology to Radio for Superior Search Performance

Benztown AI Tool

Benztown announces that it is the first imaging library company to bring the efficiency benefits of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to audio producers with the launch of its new AI-based imaging library platform. The new AI search technology is nothing short of transformative for audio producers with reduced resources, increasing workloads and shorter deadlines, finding and delivering needed audio faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Benztown’s AI-powered search functionality allows audio producers to quickly and easily find audio in Benztown’s imaging libraries, leaving behind now-dated and more time-consuming search methods using metadata, which is the current industry standard. Users are able to upload any audio file (mp3 or wav) to the library, or paste a link from YouTube, SoundCloud, or Vimeo into the search field, and find files in Benztown’s imaging libraries that are similar to the example provided. Benztown’s new AI platform downloads the audio file in the background and ingests it to the audio player, allowing the user to generate similar results based on the entire audio file, or a specific time selection of the file.


See it in action:


The feature uses machine learning to identify potential tracks based on an example.  Any given track will have a multitude of identifying characteristics, similar to a fingerprint. These characteristics are compared to thousands of other tracks in the library to determine possible matches. Recently, Google announced a “hum to search” feature enabling people to pinpoint songs by simply humming part of a track and Benztown’s new AI technology works in a similar way.


Andreas Sannemann, Chief Executive Officer, Benztown, said: “We are proud and excited to be the first imaging library using AI technology and the most superior search function there is on the planet. Our clients will be able to find music and work parts faster and more efficiently than with any other platform out there, saving precious time in the process. Uploading reference tracks and searching with YouTube links is a game-changer. To a great 2021!”


Benztown offers the highest quality audio imaging work parts for 23 libraries across 14 music and spoken word formats including AC, Hot AC, CHR, Country, Hip Hop, and R&B, Rhythmic, Classic Hits, Rock, News/Talk, Sports, and JACK.


For more information or to subscribe to Benztown’s advanced AI-powered audio Imaging libraries, visit or contact Masa Patterson at [email protected] and at (818) 842-4600.

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