24 June 2021

Benztown Inks Deal With Independent Broadcasters Association to Create Radio Merch Shops for IBA Member Stations


Benztown announces that it has entered into an agreement with the Independent Broadcasters Association (IBA) to build Radio Merch Shops for IBA member stations, with each participating station receiving $5.00 or more for each purchase made on their Radio Merch Shop. IBA member stations are now able to set up their own Radio Merch Shop with customized and changeable branding for holidays, events, and more, at:  


Ron Stone, Founder, President and Executive Director, Independent Broadcasters Association, said: “Remember back in the day when every radio station could afford to have station swag, and did? When you ran into listeners on the street wearing hats and shirts with your station logos on them? Now, IBA members can have their own pop-up retail merch shop – with no inventory costs, shipping or administrative issues. IBA is very pleased to offer this service for its members through our partnership with Benztown.”


Dave “Chachi” Denes, President, Benztown, commented: “We are very excited to work with IBA member stations to build their own customized pop-up online stores, where their listeners can buy high quality, station-branded products that they will love and use. Benztown’s Radio Merch Shop items help stations promote their brands and create a new profit center, allowing them to reinvest profits in station operations, for contests and giveaways, or even to turn their merch store profits into a fundraiser for a charitable cause that benefits their market and listeners. That’s an unbeatable combination, and one we think stations will love.”


Radio Merch Shop builds a customized, branded online merch shop and landing page for each participating station – and handles order fulfillment and inventory from start to finish. All radio stations have to do is upload their logo or artwork, promote their merch shop on-air, on the station website and via social media, and then get paid each month by Radio Merch Shop for profits from their station’s online shop. There are no upfront costs, service or set-up fees, and Radio Merch Shop takes overstock, office clutter and hassle out of the equation for stations. Station-branded goods available for sale on each station’s merch shop include high-demand items such as face masks, t-shirts, hoodies, and coffee mugs. And here’s the kicker: for every product sold, the station earns $5.00 or more. 


For more information about Benztown’s Radio Merch Shop service, visit:, or contact Masa Patterson at [email protected] or (818) 842-4600. 

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