10 April 2023

Benztown Presents: Ally or Enemy? How RadioGPT Will Transform Radio

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Benztown and P1 Media Group to Host Free Webinar on Artificial Intelligence and Radio, Entitled “Ally or Enemy? How RadioGPT Will Transform Radio” 


Tech Futurist Daniel Anstandig, CEO and Co-Founder of Futuri Media, Reveals How Localized Radio Powered Entirely by Artificial Intelligence Will Help and Improve Radio


WHO: Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming, podcasting and jingles, P1 Media Group, providing research, strategies and consulting to radio stations worldwide, and Global Radio Ideas Facebook Group.

WHAT: On Thursday, April 13th, Benztown and P1 Media Group will host a free webinar for radio professionals around the globe, entitled “Ally or Enemy? How RadioGPT will Transform Radio.” The webinar is 28th in the companies’ “Global Radio Ideas” webinar series from top radio experts from around the world – and may prove to be its most controversial topic to date.

The 40-minute webinar will be hosted by Andreas Sannemann, CEO, Benztown, and Ken Benson, Partner, P1 Media Group, and will feature tech futurist Daniel Anstandig, CEO and Co-Founder, Futuri Media, the leading provider of cloud-based audience engagement and sales intelligence software for media companies.


In Thursday’s webinar, Anstandig will share his thoughts on how Artificial Intelligence and Futuri’s RadioGPT – the world’s first localized radio powered entirely by Artificial Intelligence – will help and improve radio. Anstandig will take attendees’ questions and cover topics including:

– What advice he has for radio broadcasters who fear RadioGPT will eliminate their jobs in radio.

– How he thinks Program Directors should use and implement RadioGPT.

– Should a station be transparent when they are using RadioGPT?

– What he thinks about the listener backlash from Drew Carey’s recent use of an AI voice cloner and CHAT GPT to write his scripts for his radio show on SiriusXM Radio.

– With AI banned in Italy and not allowed in China – and the U.S. discussing oversight rules – what is AI’s larger role in society, and should its use be stopped all together or regulated?


WHEN: Thursday, April 13, 2023, at 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST/7:00pm CET.


WHERE: Register NOW at: Upon registering, you will receive a link with webinar information.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Robby Gessel at Benztown at [email protected] or +1 (818) 842-4600.

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