21 March 2024

New CLE Episodes With Stew Redwine and Lyndsey Parker

“Chachi Loves Everybody” Podcast Releases Two New Episodes Featuring Stew Redwine, VP of Creative Services at Oxford Road and Host of the Ad Infinitum Podcast, and Lyndsey Parker, Award-Winning Music Journalist and Pop Culture Expert


LOS ANGELES, CA – March 21, 2024 — Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming, podcasting and jingles, announces the release today of two new episodes of Chachi Loves Everybody, an original podcast produced by Benztown and featuring Benztown President and audio brand builder Dave “Chachi” Denes. The episodes feature Chachi’s recent sit-downs from Benztown’s Los Angeles studios with Stew Redwine, VP of Creative Services at Oxford Road, the #1 independent podcast advertising agency, and host of the Ad Infinitum Podcast, and veteran music journalist Lyndsey Parker, who has held roles at Yahoo, SiriusXM, and Warner Music.


To listen to the new podcast episodes, visit:


Chachi Loves Everybody takes listeners with Denes – better known as “Chachi” – as he sits down for candid conversations with radio’s legends, master brand builders, up-and-comers, and innovators in the burgeoning audio space, revealing the true stories behind their successes and their insights into building iconic brands through audio.


Chachi’s first guest is advertising executive Stew Redwine, who shares his tips and tricks from years of experience creating audio and video advertisements and his thoughts on the future of podcasting. A Kansas City native and Southern California transplant, Stew has helped make the ads work as Vice President of Creative Services at Oxford Road since the early days of podcasting.

On this episode of Chachi Loves Everybody, Chachi talks to Stew about:

  • Growing up in Kansas City and cold calling producers to build out his network and get involved in film productions
  • Having kids and moving to L.A. for more on-set opportunities
  • Overseeing an entire production for Sprint and maxing out credit cards to afford it
  • Working freelance at Oxford Road and the decision to go full-time
  • The process he goes through to pitch clients and help them find the right strategy
  • The difference between performance marketing and brand building
  • Why podcast advertising is so successful
  • The secret to a successful audio or TV ad
  • The Importance of Mnemonics and Sonic Branding
  • His advice for getting into podcasting and creative direction and his thoughts on the future of the industry
  • And more!


Chachi’s second guest, award-winning music journalist Lyndsey Parker, takes listeners through some of her fascinating experiences meeting and interviewing artists, hosting shows, and immersing herself in pop culture. Lyndsey has hosted WMG’s successful podcast series and Roku television show ‘Totally ’80s,’ was longtime music editor at Yahoo! Entertainment, and the former host of the SiriusXM radio show ‘Volume West’ with Chad Smith and Davey Havok.

An expert in music and pop culture, Lyndsey is a She Rocks Awards honoree, a four-time Southern California Journalism Awards winner, and an Online Journalism Award and National A&E Journalism Awards nominee. She is the co-author of the autobiography of legendary muse and former GTOs member Miss Mercy, Permanent Damage: Memoirs of an Outrageous Girl, and the author of Careless Memories of Strange Behavior: My Notorious Life as a Duran Duran Fan.


Lyndsey was also managing editor of; is a recurring cast member of AXS TV’s The Top Ten Revealed and Music’s Greatest Mysteries; is a regular moderator at the Grammy Museum; and has appeared in Netflix’s The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story, A&E’s I Want My MTV, and various other documentaries. She has appeared as a music and reality TV expert on TV shows for numerous major networks, including MTV, CNN, Fox News, VH1′s Behind the Music, Lifetime, Fox 11′s Good Day L.A., CBS’s The Insider and KCAL morning news, and Spectrum News. She has written for NME, Mojo, Elle, MOJO, Rolling Stone, Los Angeles, and Guitar, among other publications.


On this episode of Chachi Loves Everybody, Chachi talks to Lyndsey about topics including:


  • Growing up as a Valley Girl in the San Fernando Valley
  • Her avant-garde clothing style and how her mom supported her self-expression growing up
  • Exploring the L.A. music scene and her early music influences, including Duran Duran, The Monkees, and The Beatles and later, MTV
  • Creating a fanzine and going from interviewing budding music stars to Gene Simmons
  • Working at before it was acquired by Yahoo, where she interviewed many major artists and witnessed innovations in digital music
  • Exploring her passion for music and entertainment as a radio host and on AXS TV
  • Her fascination with reality TV and all things pop culture
  • Writing the book Permanent Damage and getting the opportunity to collaborate with Miss Mercy and share her incredible life story
  • Juggling multiple jobs while working for Yahoo for years
  • And more!

The Chachi Loves Everybody podcast is available now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Audioboom and other podcast services.

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