10 April 2024

SPECai Integrates Into vCreative Workflow Platforms

ENCO, Benztown and Compass Media Networks Team With vCreative to Integrate SPECai Into vCreative’s Suite of Creative Workflow Platforms for Broadcasters


vCreative to Offer Clients the Ability to Create Compelling Spec Spots in Seconds Within Their Workflow Via SPECai Integration


NEW YORK, NY, and LOS ANGELES, CA – April 10, 2024 – ENCO Systems, Inc., BenztownCompass Media Networks, and vCreative announce that they have entered into an innovative new partnership to bring SPECai, the leading AI spec ad service, to vCreative’s customers by integrating SPECai into its suite of creative workflow platforms for broadcasters. For stations affiliated with both vCreative and SPECai, the integration will streamline the process of requesting a spec spot, as well as save time. Account executives can prepare for client meetings ahead of time, or be ready to create on the spot, by utilizing the integration to select the SPECai option from within the vPPO or vProMedia order form to create compelling spec spots to present to their clients.


SPECai is a game-changer for media organizations and their sales reps, allowing them to create spec commercials in seconds using AI right in front of clients. SPECai blends AI scripts and AI voices with Benztown music beds to easily create fully produced spec commercials in seconds.


Mary DelGrande, Chief Executive Officer, vCreative, said: “AI is not just an add-on, but is becoming a core component that drives efficiency, creativity, and decision-making in all aspects of business. We recognized the need for a more robust AI tool in our suite of creative workflow products, so by integrating SPECai into our platforms, we are not just streamlining operations; we are reimagining what’s possible for our clients. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to innovation that offers our users smarter, faster, and more intuitive tools that adapt to their evolving needs.”


Ken Frommert, President, ENCO Systems, Inc., noted: “AI development has accelerated at a swift pace since we first previewed SPECai late last year. We anticipate a strong adoption rate in the coming months as customers grow familiar with the technology. Partnering with forward-thinking companies like vCreative is an essential part of our business development strategy for SPECai, and we are thrilled to become a key contributor to the creative production process within vPPO and vProMedia. We share vCreative’s philosophy of enabling more efficient workflows for customers, and we look forward to our collaborations moving forward.”


SPECai’s workflow is simple. The user, typically an account executive within a media organization, first answers a few questions to determine spot length (30 or 60 seconds), writing style (casual, humorous, uplifting), and sponsor details (company name, address), using a web browser or mobile device. SPECai generates three scripts to choose from, which users can manually edit or re-generate through phonetics to perfect the copy. The user then selects their preferred sound of the AI voice and music bed underneath before downloading the final down-mixed audio file. The process can be completed in seconds.


ENCO, Benztown and Compass Media Networks will be giving SPECai demos at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas at the ENCO booth, W1743 in the West Hall. To schedule a SPECai demo in advance of the NAB Show, email Masa Patterson at: [email protected] or Nancy Abramson at: [email protected].


For more information about SPECai, visit:


About vCreative

vCreative’s cloud-based workflow software eliminates disconnected systems and streamlines complex processes for radio, TV, network, and digital media companies, expanding creative and promotional revenue by saving time and empowering team collaboration from anywhere. Trusted by thousands, vCreative clients include: Audacy, TelevisaUnivision Radio & TV, Townsquare, Cumulus Media, Urban One. Visit to learn more.


About ENCO

Founded in 1983, ENCO pioneered the use of computer-based, digital audio and program automation for radio stations and TV studios. The company has since evolved its award-winning product line to span all aspects of today’s automated broadcast and production workflows, including closed and open captioning, visual radio, audio compliance, instant media playout, remote contribution, and cloud-based web streaming. It also brings the benefits of its patented captioning and live audio/video playout innovations to professional AV environments including conference rooms, lecture halls, sporting arenas, and event venues. For more information, please visit:


About Benztown

Benztown is a leading international audio imaging, production library, voiceover, programming, podcasting, and jingle production company with over 3,000 affiliations on six different continents. Benztown provides audio brands and radio stations of all formats with end-to-end imaging and production, making high-quality sound and world- class audio branding a reality for radio stations of all market sizes and budgets. Benztown was named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 by Inc. magazine for five consecutive years as one of America’s Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies. With studios in Los Angeles and Stuttgart, Benztown offers the highest quality audio imaging work parts for 23 libraries across 14 music and spoken word formats including AC, Hot AC, CHR, Country, Hip Hop and R&B, Rhythmic, Classic Hits, Rock, News/Talk, Sports, and JACK. Benztown provides custom VO and imaging across all formats, including commercial VO and copywriting in partnership with Yamanair Creative. Benztown Radio Networks produces, markets, and distributes high-quality programming and services to radio stations around the world, including: The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Countdown, The Todd-N-Tyler Radio Empire, Hot Mix, Sunday Night Slow Jams with R Dub!, Flashback, Top 10 Now & Then, Hey, Morton, Audio Architecture, StudioTexter, The Rooster Show Prep, and AmeriCountry. Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks produces and markets premium podcasts including: IEX: Boxes and Lines and Molecular Moments.


About Compass Media Networks


Media Contact: Lisa Dollinger, Dollinger Strategic Communication, 512.633.4084 or [email protected].


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