18 April 2013


APRIL 18, 2013, BURBANK, CA— Benztown, an international radio imaging, production library, programming, and voice-over services company with over 1,700 affiliations on six different continents, announced today that Atlantic City radio station, WPG Talk Radio 1450, is the winner of its “Love Your Station, Elevate Your Sound” contest. The news/talk station will receive a full year of free voice-over services from voice-over icon, Joe Cipriano. WPGG will also receive a full year of free professional imaging services from the industry’s imaging leader, Benztown.

Chris Coleman, WPGG Program Director and Brand Manager, said: “I was a huge fan of Benztown before winning the contest. WPGG went on the air this past October (six days before Hurricane Sandy passed over Atlantic City) and when I was building the station, I wanted and needed a big, news/talk voice. However, with a tiny budget, I was really concerned that how I wanted the station to sound wasn’t going to be possible… then I found Benztown. Through Benztown, I was able to hook up with Greg O’Neill, who is nothing short of excellent to work with. Being able to launch a news/talk station with the voice of Fox News made us sound HUGE on day one.”

Coleman continued: “Fast forward a few months and I found Benztown’s “Love Your Station, Elevate Your Sound” contest and entered it. Much to my surprise, Masa Patterson called me and told me I won. Being the PD/Brand Manager of a six-month-old news/talk station that has access to two of the biggest voice-over guys in the country, on top of the world-class imaging and production that Benztown has to offer, is truly amazing. In addition to being the PD/Brand Manager of WPGG, I also handle afternoon drive on our country station and I am the production director for our five-station cluster. Needless to say, gaining some free time by utilizing Benztown for imaging is a massive plus!”

Joe Cipriano said: “I’m excited and ready to work with Chris and the WPGG team to continue to build its brand in a high-impact way that resonates with its listeners and community. Together with the imaging services of Benztown, the industry’s imaging leader and a great partner, we’ll power up the station’s already terrific sound and growing brand. I can’t wait to get started, and plan to share our progress along the way at”

Dave “Chachi” Denes, President, Benztown, said: “We are thrilled to bring voice-over legend Joe Cipriano’s talent to WPGG and Atlantic City, and believe that listeners will love what they hear. We offer this game-changing resource to all stations every day, regardless of market size or budget, through the industry’s highest quality professional voice-over talent for barter or cash. Every radio programming professional who wants to build stronger brands and more fully engage listeners should experience the discernible difference that truly exceptional voice-over and imaging can make. Professional voice-over and high quality imaging are far and away the fastest ways to power up your station, and Joe will be an incredible addition to WPGG.”

To hear Joe Cipriano’s demo and those of other top-tier voice-over professionals who set the highest standards of radio excellence, visit

About Benztown

Benztown is an international radio imaging, production library, programming, and voice-over services company with over 1,700 affiliations on six different continents. With offices and studios in Los Angeles, New York, and Stuttgart, Benztown offers the highest quality imaging workparts for 20 libraries across 13 formats including AC, Hot AC, CHR, Country, Urban, Rhythmic, Classic Hits, Rock, News/Talk, Sports and JACK. Benztown also provides custom voice-over and imaging services across all formats.  Benztown Radio Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hollywood Radio Networks, is an international media syndication company providing unique, first-rate programming and features to radio stations and media companies around the world, including The Melissa Etheridge Radio Show, The Todd N Tyler Radio Empire, Hot Mix, Slow Jams with R Dub!, The Dr. Bruce Hensel Show, The Storm Report, The Old Farmers Almanac Report, Round Trip with Dave-O, Flashback, and Feature Farm. More information may be found by visiting

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