Radio (Imaging) – A dream job?

This has always been the case for me, but somehow I feel that the talent pool is drying out more and more. 20 years ago, when I started in the biz, Radio was cool, people wanted to work in radio, become on-air talents, imaging directors or else.
And NOW?
Am I right with my observation, that it’s mainly the same people attending radio trade shows? Am I right, that we get less and less qualified entries for our volunteer/intern program, which has an insane track record, building some of the most talented guys in the radio imaging world? Where is the new exciting and great radio show every one is talking about, and and and… The list goes on!
This is all what I’ve heard during the last weeks and months! After getting soaked into this feeling for quite a while, I changed my mind!
IT IS UP TO US to change this again. Let’s find better people, create awesome content that makes an impact and give homework our very best. STOP COMPLAINING! MAKE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!

If you are interested, this is on my agenda:

– More blog posts and interviews
– Work more with our interns
– Find great people, who are motivated to engage in imaging (if you are one of them and don’t have the chance to learn this job properly, email me (you can find my contact info on the Benztown website)
– Do more trade shows, excite people with our work

What’s on your agenda?

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