Andy’s Fiver Friday #120 – From Paris with love and…

This week I am writing this little piece of weekly entertainment from Paris! It was a great conference at Le Salon de Radio and I am happy to be back in the city of Paris meeting clients, partners, friends!


1. PlugIn

No PlugIn this week, but as a UAD Fan the new UAD Arrow – a brand new interface with one DSP – means one less than the Apollo Twin, but cheaper and also with the option to record with NO latency! Check it out!

2. Inspiration

This is waiting for us in the cinemas this year!

Upcoming Movies 2018!

3. Music

The whole damn place is groovin’ and I bet you can’t resist either… no one can resist this legend!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Whats more nerdy than retro synths?? I’ll show you The Floppotron

5. Imaging

My man Vish with a demo for his last gig – Radio 1 in the UAE!

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