Radio is about to die – says WHO?

Seth Godin, one of my all time heroes and marketing gods posted this article in the morning and wow – Shock? Truth? Read the article and please let me know your opinion!

An end of radio

Eight years ago, I described how city-wide wifi would destroy the business of local radio. Once you have access to a million radio stations online, why would you listen to endless commercials and the top 40?

I realized last week that this has just happened. Not via wifi, but via Bluetooth and the smart phone.

The car-sharing driver (Bluetooth equipped car, with a smart phone, of course) who picked me up the other day was listening to a local radio station. It was almost as if he was smoking a pipe or driving a buggy. With so many podcasts, free downloads and Spotify stations to listen to, why? With traffic, weather and talking maps in your pocket, why wait for the announcer to get around to telling you what you need to know?

The first people to leave the radio audience will be the ones that the advertisers want most. And it will spiral down from there.

Just as newspapers fell off a cliff, radio is about to follow. It’s going to happen faster than anyone expects. And of course, it will be replaced by a new thing, a long tail of audio that’s similar (but completely different) from what we were looking for from radio all along. And that audience is just waiting for you to create something worth listening to.

My take on this and this quiet personal opinion and just mine as being Andy and a strong believer in great content and our medium, the technology might change, but users / listeners will listen to great content, no matter what kind of technology they are using to listen and or stream it. Content will stay king and every broadcasting technology, every product, brand will need packaging / sound design / imaging – so….do YOU have to be negative about the future or do you walk ahead and create something great today worth listening to….KEEP Imaging ! #creategreat

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