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As you guys already know, Avid has just announced two software releases at NAMM 2015: Pro Tools First and Pro Tools 12.

There aren’t that many infos about these new applications out there. So today’s post will have a look on what we already know – and if that really sounds like a must-have.

Pro Tools | First

Pro Tools | First is a lighter and free version of Pro Tools. It is the entry level of Pro Tools for people with small projects e.g. beginners. As you would expect Pro Tools First has some limitations. So which features are included?

  • Parameters. 96 kHz/32-bit WAVs (no MP3s).
  • Copy Protection. no iLok required
  • Tracks. max 16 audio/instrument/midi/aux tracks. 4 inputs may be recorded simultaneously. Features like Elastic Pitch or Elastic Time are included.
  • Sessions. Save a maximum of three sessions. Sessions are saved in an online cloud storage. More slots can be purchased. No session support of other Pro Tools versions.
  • PlugIns. PT | First comes with 20 effects. Does not support other plugin formats beside of those purchased from Avid’s Marketplace
  • No video support. No HD interface support

Seems as if Pro Tools First would be good for casuals, students or your interns. For me, there is no way I could use it in my daily work caused by the limitation of 16 tracks and the lack of 3rd party plugins. But I think for basic VO cutting or other small editing, this might be a nice and affordable “cut and trash” option for the go…

There is no release date for Pro Tools First yet, but be sure that we’ll have a look on it when it’s available later this quarter.

But now to the point, which concerns most of you guys:

Pro Tools 12

  • Cloud Collaboration. Save sessions in the cloud. Share sessions, collaborate with your connections. Text chat, video conference.
  •  Avid Marketplace. Plug-ins, session templates, and audio files.
  •  Purchase Options. One-time licence fee, subscription.

Looks as if the major content of the Pro Tools 12 update, will be a kind of online collaboration, cloud storage and networking. Networking for example means, that you will be able to work with mates simultaneously in one session. I think this is an interesting kind of idea, companies like OhmForce picked up with their DAW ohmstudio. But it’s hard to realize this feature in a nice working way – we will see how this evolves in future.

Avid Marketplace: Shop in Avids “App Store”. Buy plugins, session templates and audio files. This includes that you will be able to sell sound in this marketplace. Publishing sound via Avid could be a nice way to connect and get your name out there. But when I think about all these audio shops, material and sources that already exist, I ask myself wether the Marketplace will establish itself in the market and is really necessary.

With Pro Tools 12 you will have different purchasing options. It will be possible to subscribe on a monthly (30$) or annual (300$) basis which also includes updates and support via the cloud. In addition, the one-time license fee will still be available. According to rumors, the perpetual PT version shall be 900$, included 12 months of updates and support.
Beside companies like Adobe, who launched their Creative Cloud in 2012, Avid leaves it up to you, which kind of payment you prefer. Seems as if they want to prevent dislikes, Adobe had to deal with their decision offering only one purchasing option.
Pro Tools 11 is traded right now with around 600$. According to the current state of information about PT12, the question arises wether the 300$ difference justifies an update for cloud usage and an in-app purchasing option.

Pro Tools 12 is expected to launch prior to summer, 2015.

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