RIP Donna Summer or why speed is king!

Yesterday, Donna Summer, the legendary queen of R&B died at the age of 63.

Her musical legacy will stay forever and we at Benztown honored her within an hour with Sweepers, Promos and samples for various formats.

 Here’s what Hollywood Hernandez, Program Director @ The Touch, thinks about our work:
“Kudos to everyone involved. Donna Summer tribute is already up and running on The Touch. Thanks for the timeliness! In this biz, we don’t just need it done well…we need it done FAST and you guys always deliver. Thanks!”

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Thanks to the whole Benztown crew for being so fast to help more than 1000 clients to get all the pieces on air so fast.
What is in for you: Most people utilizing your work / services as a producer, imaging talent or writer need your content as quick as possible. This makes speed as important as quality, because who got it on air first – wins. Show your PD / clients you can make your station win!
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