Russian STANDARD(s) – Pick your favourite piece of GEAR!


Guys I am thrilled to write this post today. I never been to Moscow before and I need to admit – I love it. The city is insane, the food is fantastic and the jingles recordings are just great fun….(The only thing makes it hard is the weather….so freaking cold and way too much wind and snow.)

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Russian Radio is one of the most under represented and fairly unknown things west or east from here, but I can tell you: The Imaging and Music Production Scene is impressive, the stations are massive and radio personalities are big stars….Oli and I are honored to work with Europa Plus, which is by far the biggest CHR network in the world with transmitter and 11 millions listeners daily all over russia. But back to the main purpose of this post…PORN, GEAR Porn.. The studio we are using is called VI Studios and fits the highest possible standards. The gear and sound is unbelievable…

They run ProTools 10 HD3 as I do. Main Console is the ICON and the outboard gear is very well chosen. I just list my favorites:

– Mics… 
Neumann M149 / U87

– PreAMPs… MA5 500 series, Dynax 2

– Compressor / Limiters… Shadow Hills 500 series, 1176 UA #legendary

– EQs… MaagEQ, Clariphonic Paralel Equalizer (I only worked with the plugIN till now… check it)

My Question : If you have one… What do you choose? Please send me your comments below… My pic would be the 1176 from UA, as it is so hard to get these days.

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