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Dan Mumford

I finally found the time to interview my friend Dan Mumford. He’s an extraordinary talented composer, imaging director and sound designer, who will share his incredible knowledge with you.

For 10 years Dan has been working for BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. He started as a Programme Transfer Assistant for BBC in 2003 and two years later he managed to become the Producer of X-Trails. After scoring the position as the Station Sound Producer for 1Xtra and then Radio 1 in 2007/08, he finally made his way to Station Sound Manager of Radio 1 and 1Xtra in 2010. One of his greatest accomplishments is re-branding Radio 1’s Breakfast Show for the first time in 8 years. Nowadays he works as a freelancer and his stuff is amazing. Check out Dan Mumford!

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1. What is your favourite production system?

I use Pro Tools for radio production, as it’s perfect for audio. I know all the shortcuts really well. I can just whizz around in it! And for composing I use Logic. The MIDI implementation is better, plus you can do all sorts of crazy things in the environment.

2. What’s the best shortcut or prod tricks everyone should know about?

In Pro Tools make sure you prepare all your tracks with elastic audio. You never know when you might need to stretch or compress audio and it saves loads of time being able to do it on the fly.

3. What are your favorite plugIn(s) / presets?

Reaktor is great for sound design. It’s a bit daunting to start with, but once you get into it you can lose days making noises!

4. Music or imaging, what do you prefer and why?

I really enjoy both. They’re both pretty different disciplines. I love it when I can combine the two.

5. What is your advice for the young guns?

Read David Miles Huber’s & Robert E. Runstein’s book Modern Recording Techniques!
Then – learn a DAW – any one – inside out. Learn how to use everything that comes with it before being tempted by any third-party plugins.

 6. UK imaging scene: What is special? What is good? What could be better?

Captial’s imaging is really impressive at the moment. Jack FM’s is so original too.

7. What is the plan now?

I’m going to be writing a few library albums, some composing for TV and radio, as well as freelance imaging.

8. What is your dream business wise / artistic wise?

I’d love to score a TV drama or film. Something like The Killing or Borgen!

Thanks to Dan for sharing his work and tips with us!

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