Ryan on the Radio vs Stutter Edit by Izotope

Ryan our benztown branding country imaging director and head of Imaging for KSCS in Dallas checked out this amazing new plugIn for you and banged out an insane review video. Ryan also runs the blog “Ryan on the radio”.

[vimeo 19122215]

Hey Prod nerds (like me),

I grabbed Stutter Edit from Izotope the instant it was released. I had been waiting on this for over a year and can say I love it immediately. I can’t do a full review yet as I just used it on a basic drum loop for now, which you can see in the video…

…But I have a few thoughts on it. Some plugs, like Transfuser, on a normal Pro Tools 8.x LE machine “feel” heavy. They use a lot of resources and bog things down a bit. Other plugs like Nexus 2, are super light and you can’t even tell they are in the session. I LOVE both of those plugs but there are trade offs. The same goes when you use many plugs in a session. Some start bogging things down a lot faster than others. To me, Stutter Edit is VERY light. It may be that my expectations were low (I thought it may be a crazy monster of a program) but it does feel light weight and not a big system resource suck. I know it may just depend on when I start instantiating lots of filters or comps or other synths but for now it loads very fast and doesn’t lag.

You need to use a midi controller. If you don’t have one then I believe you can paint in the “gestures” into the piano roll but I am not positive plus that way would suck. This should be fun not tedious. So get a midi controller.

It promised to stay on tempo with what you are “stuttering” and I’ll be damned if didn’t do that perfectly from the git-go. I was weary about that. Basically, I didn’t know how skilled you needed to be to make it work right but I got it going perfectly, quickly. You hit the keys and cool stuff happens. I need to start using it on more complex tracks or possibly on the master of an entire song but until then I can say in a simple usage, it works great

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