SFX Experiences Pt. 3 or the only day you HAVE…

Today it’s St. Patrick’s Day and we all know that the only mission is to eliminate as much beer as possible! And as you know that we are always in search of authentic sound effects Jan, Max and Konrad had the VERY UNPLEASANT job to record real beer drinking SFX. Check their hard work at the benztown studio…

First of all: For beer SFX you need real beer… water has a very different sound, when you pour into glasses and of course you would miss the noise of the foam (the taste is a whole other subject;)). The guys recorded the opening of different bottles, the clinking of various glasses and tried to drink as noisy as possible. After the first pint some indecent sounds may occur but definitely should be recorded too. The sound of a counter was recreated with a table board on the studio couch – a normal table has more resonances.

Surprisingly the guys had no problem to work overtime for this honorable task and so our studio became an Irish Pub for one night. And because every sound is valuable they also build this setup:

Cheers and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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