SFX Experiences Pt. 7 or How the benztown studios became…

Image: Jeremy Cai via unsplash

Friday is St. Patrick’s day. And you know what this day is all about: yep, beer. You also know that we are always after serious sound effects! So Konrad, Jan and Max told Alex and Chris about the last St. Patrick’s recording mission and surprisingly they all joined the session once again and recorded tons of sounds! Here’s what they came up with!

The main task for this night was to extend our collection of drinking sounds! The guys recorded different bottles, clinks, pouring, wallas and counter sounds. The counter was built by using a wooden plate on poker table stands. In combination with some real guinness, this worked great to create the pub feeling.


When real men come together, a pub fight is necessary to find out who is the strongest. So essential sounds to create a fights are punches! As we had no schnitzel in the studio, the guys did it the vegetarian way: punching leather, pillows, cartons on various surfaces and strengths, layered with drum kicks.

So the guys had punches. But while an epic fight things get broken, smashed and the pub looks a heap of rubble afterwards. But Oli still needs the studio, so the guys had to switch to a different location. They found some nice guys who provided a room in which they were able to create the kind of destruction they were looking for!

The next day Konrad and Max teamed up with Saro from SoundBits to record debris! And these sounds were pretty necessary to get create a feeling of gritty pub fight ambience:

Here are some impressions of this recording.


Keep your eyes open for SFX Experiences Pt. 8! We will cover the debris recording with the next episode.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Keep your pub clean!


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