The Benztown Xmas Contest 2011 or get FAME FX for…

Christmas is coming up and Benztown says thanks for an unbelievable year with the 2011 Version of our  Xmas Contest. We are hooking you up with awesome prizes and it will need you not even 3 minutes getting your hands on it. Ever wanted FAME FX on your station and budget is tight? Have imaging icons answers answer your questions in a personal Q&A and much more…ENTER the Benztown XMAS CONTEST 2011:

The Prizes:

  • Fame FX for Free: Andy’s & Oli’s outstanding Imaging FX library, heard on stations like 2DayFM, Sydney, WPLJ, New York, Funradio, Paris, and many more. Get  over 400 production FX for free!
  • Q&A with David Konsky: Get a Skype Q&A with 2DayFM’s imaging legend David Konsky. Learn everything about production and radio imaging.
  • BrainDead Creative Help: Get a free copy of Mike Crank’s and Trevor Shand’s new book “BrainDead Creative Help”. Learn everything about being creative in a stressful environment and how to get your production and your station on top.
  • Q&A with Oli from Benztown: profit by Oli’s 20 years of experience in radio imaging, composing  and production.
  • Present yourself to the world: Show your skill set to an international community of radio imaging professionals. Share your audio, your favorite production trick and make an impression! Right HERE!
  • Q&A with Adobe Audition expert Mike Santos: imaging and VO talent Mike Santos, shares his Adobe Audition production skillset with you on a skype call.

All entries will get a pack of exclusive Dubstep and Breakbeat inspired impact loops, created by Benztown team.

How you win:

Send us your best imaging piece of this year before Monday December 19, Midnight PST to [email protected]

We will post your stuff right here and the Benztown blog reader decide, what their favorite piece is…It’s the winners choice!

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