Unbelievable! Add more than 500 radio stations to your service…

Finally it is done. Benztown Branding cut the biggest deal ever in history of radio imaging. From Jan 1st we will be working with Cumulus as  a new syndication partner. Cumulus decided to pick up at least 1 Benz library throughout all the stations in the country. That means an addition of more than 550 radio stations at 1!!!!! single time. Benztown will also take over the creative on the existing cumulus libraries and make them shine!

Before you read the official press release, let me say, that I am really gifted with the people, I met and  ever have been with me in my private life. My girl, my son, my family, my great friends in imaging and at home. On the business level it wasnt always like that, but since 3 years as we do Benztown as it is today I am so lucky to receive this gift twice. All the people at Benztown, especially my brother , in arms, Chachi, my true friend since day one, Oli and for sure: Masa, Chris, Andre, Fabi, Marc, Kevin, Wade and all the Benztown team in Stuttgart and LA, all the people we work with as Imaging directors, as VO talents, as designers, programmers, clients, friends, partners  –  all the Benztown family: I really appreciate working together with such great people had the chance meeting you. Thank you so much!

Check the official press release attached!

Benztown – Cumulus Press Release

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