The First Experiment or how to bring your sound close…

To improve your skills in just 5 minutes! Sounds strange, but it is possible. It is no rocket science at all. I use that strategy for years now and have great experience with this unique technique. From today on I will share my “5 minute work out” to improve my skill level with you and hope it has the same effect on your creativity, production skills and inspiration than on mine. In general :  you hardly find any imaging producer, who is not stressed out at all, caught up in production routines or cranks out the stuff like he used to do for ages. That’s a matter of fact.

So the first 5 minute work out starts today .

Day1 .

Before you get started with work today: Grab yourself a coffee, sit down in your studio or another chilly place and write down the 5 imaging guys you admire most or at least you should like their style. (Don’t write only your name on the paper :)). Send them a short but precise email and ask for examples of their work. Be honest, tell them you like their style and want to improve yourself,  get some inspiration or new ideas. I bet you will receive great inspiration, ideas and maybe make some new friends.


After you received some great imaging pieces, maybe on the next day,  take yourself another 5 minutes and listen to the stuff you received. Now : Who is your favorite (could also be 2 or 3), what pieces do you like most and why? Write it down and try to reproduce the style in your productions. No matter, if it is the breaks, the fx, the voice processing or anything else – try to make your audio sound like the one you received or even improve it. If you don’t get it with the first shot, no worries, almost no one gets it with the first shot. You will explore great new techniques and improve yourself by using plugINs or settings you are usually not using at all.


Still on the look for that particular sound? OK, you learned some great new stuff already by trying. Reach out to the guy, who invented it and ask for that specific sound. Be honest, again! It is the greatest FX, sound processing or else you ever heard! Let your icon feel that you are impressed and tried hard to get it by yourself (nothing is more hated than people wont try by themselves) and that you really want to know how he creates it. Ask for screen shots, plugIN settings. Be as detailed as possible, so there is no third email needed. I can tell from my own experience, it works. There have tons of colleagues and clients reached out to me and my partner Oli and asked for infos, voice FX, session settings or else and they always received an answer.

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