The Imaging Days… Whats the deal? Meet Anthony Timmers!


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I bet some of you have already seen the announcement of this event in Amsterdam on the 8th and 9th of September. The lineup sounds promising and Anthony Timmers and his crew host some great speakers including Benztown imaging brigade member and format director for Avalanche James Stodd, my old friend Sion Mumford  and not to forget one of the best guys in the business – former BBC1 head of Station Sound Dan Mumford. A few days ago I spoke to Anthony about the event. Read the full interview below…

1. Why do you organize an Imaging convention?

There are so many radioconventions and all of them have some imaging stuff. But as an imaging director myself for years I never found those interesting. “We” all are nerds, in a good way of course 🙂
I think it’s really interesting to see other imaging producers, to talk with them, learn from the seminars, use the techniques from others etc. That’s why: The Imaging Days!

2. Why should production / imaging guys attend?

Well, I think that we are still not “important enough”. I always say, the imaging producers make the businesscard of your station readable. So, we’re pretty important!

3. What do you expect from the speeches?

Basically I asked all of the speakers to get a visit in their kitchen. All producers will show how they produced their audio (sweepers, brandedintro, promos etc.) layer by layer. But not only that, they will also tell how they came up with the idea and how they discuss stuff with their Program Director and/or Marketing Director. Really useful for your own career as an audioproducer in a studio or radiostation.

4. What speakers are coming to Amsterdam for speak during The Imaging Days?

I’m really happy to have imaging guys like Chris Hartgers (Radio 538, Production Vault), Simon Palframan (Kiss FM, UK), but also Uunco Cerfontaine of Sky Radio. He’s the Program Director of Sky Radio and has a great seminar about his station vs. imaging. Sky Radio went from soft-AC to Modern-AC in the last three years: a big operation. Two full days, more than twenty speakers and it’s all about imaging! The most current speaker list can be found on

5. What is your personal background?

I started in radio when I was 10 years old. I did a kids radio programme, behind the microphone. But already after a few weeks I found out that I like that studios, the sounds etc. more then being on the radio. A few years later when I was 15 years old, I was asked by Top Format in Haarlem to come and work there. On the day I was copying cassette tapes for clients, at night and on the weekends I was their in the studio working on imaging. But still, I was too young they thought. There was a job opening at Veronica FM, so I decided to go for it! After that I’ve worked on imaging for Radio 2 (NL) and Radio 3FM (NL). In 2000 I was asked to come and work for Radio 538 (NL). Thee years later, while I was working at Radio 538, I started my own company Capital of Media. Today we’re working with a small team of creative people for great radio- and television stations and we have our “The Radio Imaging Library“.

6. What is it you love most about imaging and jingles?

That’s probably the hardest question to answer, you know that? I just do. Everyday I’m so happy to be in our studios at Capital of Media. Making sweepers, Capintros, FX for the library, writing a cool script for a promo or composing another jingle. Again: I just love doing it. Could you tell me, why I love it? 🙂

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