The Sample Maniac from Albuquerque : Justin Case


Today, I want you to introduce to our Benztown Urban Imaging Director Justin Case. Justin is from Albuquerque a very successful DJ, Imaging Guy at OMG Radio and a specialist when it comes to integration of samples, voice or music into production and imaging. Here at Benztown, he takes care of the Urban Sweepers and Promos + a ton of other stuff….sorry bro…you are too good and fast like sh***, so I love working with you:O).

His pieces are incredible fast, energy driven, full impact and always an awesome crazy mix out of Music, VO Samples, Song Fragments, Listeners, Testimonials and and and. He is the kind of guy, integrating 10 different snippits in 5 seconds and it still sounds like one piece. I think his style will change the Imaging world in the next years to a on one side more natural, but on the other hand even hotter imaging sound, still sounding natural and real.  Can these 2 different parts work together? Yes, in my opinion they can. You first need to get your VO guy to have a more usual/real/common read and second you should be motivated to get great sounding listener and real people material, which is, to be honest, a big effort, but once you have it on your desk, you will have the hell of a time. Being real and using real voices and listeners is always a topic, no matter where I go and talk to Imaging guys, PDs or else.

Justin is magic and his stuff is also in my opinion. Enough words: HAVE FUN AND CHECK HIM OUT!

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