Think outside the box or how to be an innovator…

We all get to a certain point in life – doesn’t matter what you’re doing or what you’re working – , when we get stuck in routine. Doing the same routine everyday, can make you sick and your work never moves forward. How do you wanna reach more, when you’re just doing the same thing everyday?

If you want to reach more, it’s time to break out of the cycle of routine.

If you want to be a big one, you have to be an innovator. Staying in your cycle will get you nowhere. So reach out for other ways and techniques. Get an update, change your templates and presets, get a new library, check out other stations, see what they’re doing and create things, they don’t have.

Reinvent yourself and your station, that’s the way to stay on top. Leave the box and reach out for more. You’ll never know what great things will happen. My best example: if the guys from Benztown didn’t reach out for more, this blog wouldn’t exist and I would never sit here and write this Production Diary for you.

So get up and do, what no one did before you.



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